3 Reasons Your Vehicle Needs Summer Tires

Although it might not seem like it on some of these snowy, cold days, spring is right around the corner. In BC during the winter months, it is a requirement to have at the minimum, all-season tires with the ideal being winter tires. They are both made to handle better in cold temperatures and have tread patterns that help them grip on snow and sleet. Summer tires are made for summer weather and here are three reasons why your vehicle needs the right tires for each season.


  1. Summer tires are made to handle the heat


Tires are split into three categories, summer, winter and all-season. Each is made of a different formula of rubber that lets them perform their best under the temperature and weather conditions they are made for. Winter and all-season tires are made to handle the snow, sleet and ice that accompany the cold temperatures and give you the best control and handling. While winter tires are the best for consistently low temperatures, all-season is the typical type of tire vehicles come equipped with. Summer tires are designed to give you the best grip and handling when the sun is shining and it is warm enough to have the top down.


  1. Extend the life of your winter tires


It is obvious that switching to summer tires will extend the life of your winter tires because they get a break. Summer-tires also extend the life of your winter tires because winter tires are just not made for warmer temperatures. The type of rubber and tread patterns are made to grip in snow, not on warm, dry pavement. Summer-tires thrive on warm pavement and give you better handling and a better grip on the road. Summer tires also typically have a sportier look.


  1. Make driving safer in the warmer weather


Winter tires, again, are just not made for warm, dry pavement. The tread design is more flexible to allow snow and ice to be pushed through, which can almost make them slippery on dry, warm asphalt. Summer-tires stick to the road better so you can turn, swerve and brake with confidence and control.  Depending on the tires you choose, you can also give your vehicle a step up in handling and braking. It is a good idea to have your suspension checked.


While it may seem a bit lofty to have two sets of tires for your vehicle, in the end it can give you a safer and better overall driving experience and actually help you save money. Switching tires in summer and winter also makes sure your tires are being checked before they are stored away for uneven wear, excess wear or damage. With summer just around the corner, now is the time to get to White Rock  GRiP Tire to make sure your car, truck, SUV or crossover is ready for summer as much as you are. To make your tires look even better try a new set of Alloy Wheels or steel wheels.

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Summer is coming, are you ready? Better yet, is your vehicle ready summer?

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