Suspension components can be confusing. When faced with a decision you are uneducated about it can make a pleasant moment turn into stress. We are here to lessen that burden and shed some light on the differences between lift kits and leveling kits. Make the right decision for you and get the look and feel you really want. Lift kits and leveling kits are two different ways to approach similar outcomes. Both lift kits and leveling kits will give you extra height.

However, there are some major differences. Leveling kits are not designed to give you a large amount of extra height. These are designed to keep the vehicle level by bringing the front end up or can be used to add an inch or two to both ends. Lift kits come in different height segments, can add a lot of height if desired, and come in different forms. Here is some more information.

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits are the mildest way to raise the height of your truck. These are the simplest and cheapest way to add some extra height or restore the truck to its original ride height after years of use has weakened the suspension components. If you are expecting a huge change in stance and look, then you may be disappointed. You are only going to get 1 or 2 inches of extra height with a leveling kit.

The benefit to the leveling kit is that they are easy to use, and typically much cheaper than a lift kit. The install easily, and there are no other modifications you have to make. If you want to run larger tires, but have a rubbing issue, this may be the perfect solution.

Lift Kits

Lift kits are a more aggressive way to give extra height to the vehicle. With a lift kit, you can theoretically add as much height as you want. Typically, premade kits come in 2-10 inch sets. This means you will purchase a kit pertaining to the number of inches you want to raise the vehicle. With a custom kit, you can raise the vehicle much taller if so inclined.

The problem with lift kits is that they can change the steering, make the vehicle extremely top-heavy, and can also be expensive. You also want to make sure that you are paying attention to the type of lift kit you are getting. There are body lift kits, which raise the body and give you extra room for large tires. The body lift kits do not, however, give you more ground clearance, as all of your other equipment stays in its original location. A suspension lift kit will give you a whole new suspension, designed to raise everything up, adding to and maximizing your ground clearance.

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