Are Michelin the best tires for your vehicle?

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Are Michelin the best tires for your vehicle?

What are the best tires for your vehicle?

You will undoubtedly agree with me that there have been massive efforts over the years in creating longer-lasting tires. But not everybody gets the same amount of years out of the same tires. You should be wondering why your colleague uses one set of tires for ten years and yours need replacing every three years give or take.
Well, the life of the tread on your tires will be dependent on the type of car you drive, the brand of tires, the road, and weather conditions.   Your driving
aggressiveness or lack of will also affect how long your tires will serve you. That is why you have to think of all of these things when buying tires.

You probably have heard of Michelin tires. They have been around as long as man created the first modern car. If you do the math, that’s a long time back. Has Michelin been doing an excellent job for car owners? The opinions on that subject are divided because the experience varies from one driver to the next.


Why you should consider Michelin tires?

 For a long time now Porsche has used Michelin as the tires of choice. One would wonder why the “bromance” between the two has played out for this long. The answer can only be one: Michelin does work for Porsche.  Porsche is a famous brand and is a favourite among wealthy auto owners. And if you have had the chance to drive one of these cars, you already know they are performance beasts.

I’m not able to tell for sure why Michelin and Porsche are an inseparable pair, but I can tell you what I know. Michelin tires have a thing for the high-performance vehicles. They will bring out the sprinter in your car. That is something you would need especially if you often take long road drives.

With Michelin, you get tires for all sizes, all-terrain, and weather. Whether you experience an extremely biting cold or you enjoy a lot of sun around the year, there is something for you in this brand.


Does Michelin work for everyone?

Nothing works for everyone regardless of how good it could be. There are those who have had a nasty experience with Michelin tires and vowed never to buy them. Maybe it is your car, or you bought the wrong type of tires. That should not be the end of the road for you; there are other countless tire brands out there, and maybe they are the right choice for you.



Bottom line

 It would be misleading to declare any brand of tires as the best in the market. The term best is relative to each one of us. There are those who find Goodyear or Bridgestone tires to be their best. Others would beg to differ. The good or the bad of these or those tires will boil down to the type of car you drive, the roads, weather elements, and how aggressive you drive. Maintenance will also determine how long your tires last. But like it or not, Michelin will always have a spot in the list of best tires.



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