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White Rock GRiP Tire

A proud member of the GRiP Auto team!

White Rock GRiP Tire technicians perform routine maintenance and repairs as well as performance upgrades including:

White Rock GRiP Tire has the expertise you need to take care of all of your tire, wheel, suspension, brake and other vehicle repair and maintenance needs. From budget-friendly to high-performance wheels and tires to a variety of performance upgrades, White Rock GRiP Tire has the knowledge and products you are looking for. If your vehicle is in need of tires, wheels, or suspension work or you just want to add some performance upgrades to your truck or SUV, White Rock GRiP Tire is where you need to be.

“I love my new summer tires! They make driving such a pleasure.”

Alan Green

“I always wanted to have my truck lifted. I am very impressed with the work here at White Rock Grip Tire”

Ken Wiseman


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.